Fuel-Sipping Frugality


I have a long commute to a job I love-about 400 miles a week. Gas mileage is everything to me. I would really love to buy a Prius but even used they are well over $26, 000. With a kid going to college soon I would love to find a car under $20,000- new or used – that truly gets 40-45 mpg. There are so many new ones on the market…Don’t know if they are reliable or will genuinely deliver the mileage they promise. Any thoughts?

Bath, Michigan


Your timing couldn’t be better! I’ve just test driven the Toyota Prius C and our review is on the VroomGirls homepage this week. Get this: The Prius C starts at about $19,000! It gets 50 mpg combined city and highway driving, and has all the wonderful features of the Prius Liftback in a smaller size. I say it’s the perfect car for those just starting out, the empty nesters looking to right-size, and everyone in-between.

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