Does This Jag Jiggle?


I have driven a Jaguar S-type since 2007. My first one was a 2002 4.2L..I LOVED it. Never had a problem with it. In 2008, I was literally run off the road by a huge pick-up…went airborne, landed in a pasture full of cows..and the outside of the car was so damaged by a path I cut thru brush,trees,etc., that it was totaled..The car never missed a beat..I was fine. When my husband and i went to the dealership to replace it, I ended up with a 2006 s-type 3.0. I have never liked this car. Tons of blind spots; does not handle nearly as well..whole different body style…

We are now getting a divorce; My husband simply walked out in June,2010…I was unable to maintain the car as it should have been; reg. oil changes; had to run on Empty most of the time…Not good for ANY CAR!! Finally the a/c went out…he would not even consider having it fixed….have gone 2 summers w/out a/c..I LIVE IN TEXAS.

I want to get another Jaguar (S-Type).. either a 2003 or 2004. Sell the 2006, pay off the note,etc. As of now, the car is not drivable..due to the extreme is black on black..Also, Someone STOLE the drivers side outside mirror..go figure.

Now, my husband says I should not get another Jaguar, as they are too expensive to repair. HE was the one who bought the original 2002 for me….
I know Jags do not have great resale value, but I have found several with very low mileage; great condition for well under $10,000.

I was told that Jaguar started using a Ford(?) engine in 2002; therefore they could be worked on by most mechanics..

Need to know your opinion. Are the s-types REALLY that much more expensive to repair mechanically than most cars…I have gotten estimates for the a/c…it is an electrical problem..they range from $900-$1,300.

This is the only problem the 2006 has…it has 81,000 miles on it. I am going to show your answer to my soon to be ex….would it be a huge mistake for me to buy another pre-owned S-Type…2003-2004? I love the not drive that much…and am in a position to maintain the car as it should be.

Cannot afford more than 10,000$ if the 2006 is sold….EVERY other car I have looked at Nissans, Toyota, etc. are $13,000-$14,000 with higher mileage than any of the Jags..Just need your expert opinion–that is what I will go buy!!

~ Martha
Ft. Worth, Tx.


Well, that is some story…especially the cows!

I’m sorry to hear about your divorce. But in truth, you don’t want to add to your troubles by getting a very used Jag. The reason those old Jaguars don’t hold their value is simple: they’re not good. Sure they’re pretty, but they cost a lot to repair, and require lots of TLC. If a used Toyota or Honda costs more than a same model-year Jaguar, you have to ask yourself why. Of course, Jags are better-built now than they were 10 years ago under Ford’s stewardship.

Having said that, I would caution against it. Since you have limited funds, you might want a vehicle that doesn’t require trips to the service bay. I would stick with the basics: Toyota, Honda, Mazda. Sorry to be a buzz kill.

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