What’s a cool-looking SUV?


Firstly, well done for such a great website. I stumbled on you guys whilst I couldn’t sleep in rainy UK at 2am.

It’s so witty, well written, humorous and makes me feel like I know and trust you guys.

My question is, (if you will be kind enough to help me), I have a BMW Z Sport Convertible, but last year I had back problems with two slipped discs and cannot drive it due to being so low, sporty with a hard suspension – my back hurts over every pothole! I am looking for a jeep style / suv / small crossover but would love some help to identify something fairly cool looking and not too common. (I like the 2dr Wrangler – as masculine, sexy but not too big, however I guess those days are over for me, as there is no comfort,hard suspension and not great for just getting to the office and shopping a few miles a day so that is out).

The BMW X1 looks cool but seems quite large, and although I read your review on the RAV 4 (I have no kids or baggage) so that too seems (a) not as cool and (b) I don’t need such space. I’ve looked at a Porsche Cayenne ?? but again, much too large. Any ideas?? for cool, sporty, stylish yet comfortable? i’m only in my 40’s I really don’t want a frumpy car just yet!!

Many thanks
~ Sarah


Hey Sarah –

Thanks very much for the Vroomie compliments! We love hearing that we’re connecting with gals like you!!

As for your vehicle dilemma. We see where you’re coming from. You’re young and don’t want to drive old lady wheels, yet your back ain’t what she used to be.

The RAV4 is a great car – suspension is easy on the bones, and it’s super useful in terms of cargo capacity and room for friends. But if you want something more…German?! – the BMW X3 is smallish and fun. We also like the Audi Allroad, which is not so much an SUV but a good old fashioned wagon. It’s super cool and reeks of good taste. And we love the VWs – the Touareg and the Tiguan. Honda’s CR-V is also quite nice, though maybe not as cool as you desire. Porsche will be coming out with a smaller SUV this summer, if you can wait that long.

Please check out our reviews on the above-mentioned vehicles, and keep us posted on your choice.

All Best,


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