RE: The Toyota Prius C. I watched your video review of the Prius C. Since you live in L.A., you’ll know the answer to my question. When driving back from Las Vegas to Long Beach, there’s the first big hill after Primm, NV. Do you think the Toyota Prius C will struggle up the hill behind trucks and old Ford Pintos.
Irvine, Ca.


Hey Emerson –
Funny question, and certainly worth answering. The short answer is no, the Prius C wouldn’t be struggling behind old Pintos and stinky trucks to get up that very steep hill. But the longer answer is this: Given the severe incline of that grade, any vehicle considered “fuel efficient” won’t be flying to the top, either. Cars that are tuned to sip rather than guzzle gas are not drag racers. So when driven on a steep incline, cars like these will take longer to get there than, say, a BMW. But that little Prius C will probably pass that BMW on the road back to L.A. when the BMW stops to refuel.

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