Cats Love Minivans!


I have a 2002 Windstar minivan and its almost time to buy a new one. I want a new one with a warranty. I do like the minivans because of the doors, strange right? Well I take my cats to the kennel when out of town and minivan doors are the only ones that are wide enough for the width of the cages.
I do not like the width of the minivans. Which is the narrowest, with a 6 cylinder to handle the road. I live in Vegas and when I go to California, the passes are hard on a car. Any ideas or help.
PS: My kids are grown and gone so its just me and my husband (plus 3 cats).

Las Vegas, NV


Dear RHL –
I bet those cats love going to the kitty spa! As for their ride, I have two suggestions: the Toyota Sienna and the Dodge Caravan. Both come in a powerful V6 engine, but the 2012 Toyota Sienna also comes in a gas-sipping 4-cylinder engine that you might also consider, since you take those long road trips. Both aren’t the hulking, oversized types of minivans, but rather are right sized. Please check out our VroomGirls reviews. We loved both vehicles. And please let us know what you end up buying.

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