BMW vs. Audi — Which Car Wins?


BMW 1 series vs Audi TT coupe
I have been driving a BMW series 1 convertible for 5 years now and am now ready to buy a new car. I was planning to update to another BMW series 1 convertible (updated version in various ways) but then discovered the Audi TT coupe, which I really love.
I am a woman whose kids have grown up, and am in my 50’s, divorced. What do you think? Which car should I choose, as in which do you think is most suitable for me. LIke them both.
~ Natalie, Australia


There’s good and bad news. The good news is that both cars would probably delight you for many years. You already know this about the BMW. The bad news is that I can’t make that decision for you, because both choices are solid. If you’re wondering about quality, they’re equal. If you’re wondering about style and performance, ditto. So in the end, you’ll have to drive them both and see which one makes your heart go pitter pat. I’m sorry to be of no help, but you are considering two very good vehicles. I just can’t make a rational argument that one is better than the other. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your choice.

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