BMW Bummer!


I had read the 528i (2013) review on your site before purchasing a new one in Jan. I was replacing a 1999 528. I immediately found the seats so uncomfortable that I wanted to return the car the next day. After 30 minutes, the bottom of the seats was so hard and the leather going crosswise rather that up and down was digging into me. The back of the seat was so awkward that my back and butt were killing me. I am 5’3″. Have you heard any other complaints about these seats? This is my third BMW. Of all the things I thought might be something that could bother me…..the seats would not occur to me in my wildest dreams.

Would appreciate knowing if you have had any other feedback. I upgraded to the Dakota leather.

Thanks for any help you can give.

~ Dianne Collins


Hi Dianne –
It’s funny you should mention BMW’s seats. I, too, am 5’3″ and have always felt that BMW makes seats for much taller folk. I’ve never been able to get absolutely comfortable in them. For me, it’s always been the proportions of the various parts of the seat that makes me uneasy. But for you, it was the quality of the leather. Yes, I’ve noticed that BMW uses much rougher leather than other brands. But I’ve not heard others complain like us. Oh well. My feeling about these things is that if it bothers you, then it’s important. And seats are in integral part of the car. So I will pass along your comments (and mine) to BMW, and hope they’ll listen. Thanks for the helpful comment!

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