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A New Car for our Son

We are thinking of getting a new/newer car for our 22 year old college student - What would you recommend? He has a good driving record. Continue Reading

Time for a Transmision Flush?

Everytime I take my car for an oil change I get the "must replace the transmission fluid" talk. I have a 2001 Honda Accord. I was told by another place that in older cars... Continue Reading

Can I get a manual SUV?

I've finally decided that I need to replace my Jeep Wrangler with a more practical car that can fit people and stuff at the same time. I like SUVs and would prefer to keep... Continue Reading

Love my Prius!

Two questions: 1. I'm a guy, is it okay to ask a question? If so, see question 2: 2. My lease on my '07 Prius is almost up. I really like the car but I don't... Continue Reading

Done with SUVs

I have driven a large SUV for the last ten years and now find myself not in need of the large vehicle anymore. I am not the station wagon/crossover or minivan kind... Continue Reading

In Need of a “Tune Up!”

Dear Tara: I have a 1995 JEEP cheerokee complete with a 1995 era radio. I want to upgrade to either HD radio or satellite radio but don't know much about either. Which would be... Continue Reading

Wish to End the Odyssey

I am weary of my 2000 Honda Odyssey minivan but with school age kids I need a vehicle with three rows of seats. Both minivans and SUVs have so so mileage due to the... Continue Reading