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A Used Car for Less Than $10 Grand

Our college age daughter has decided to sell her 2001 Ford Mustang, and get something more practical. She favors small SUVs with good gas mileage. What would you recommend in the used... Continue Reading

Hyundai’s Birthday

What year did they start making the Hyundai Sonata 2.0T? Continue Reading

Love small SUVs – Which is best for me?

Please tell me which is a better choice: the 2011 Honda CR-V , the 2011 Kia Sportage, the 2011 Hyundai Tucson, the 2011 Mazda CX -7, or the 2011 Mazda CX-9? Continue Reading

Is a Used Subaru Right for Me?

I'm planning on buying a used Subaru and I really like the Forester (older models like 04-05). Is this a good sized car for a younger, single person? Or is it too much? Continue Reading

What’s the deal with starters?

Wondering about automatic starters for my Toyota Corolla. One mechanic says they are another device that will fail and others seem to be pushing them. What's your take on safety etc. Continue Reading

What Car Should I Buy?!

Wow, you answered it! Great and I should have asked you about the Volvo C30 while i was at it :) I currently have a Mazda 6 from 2003. It's very zippy for a 4-cylinder,... Continue Reading

How to check tire pressure

What is the trick in figuring out that the air is low in your car's tires and more air needs to be added? Continue Reading

What’s up with the reviews?

I was thinking of test driving the Honda CRZ and couldn't find a review on your site. Have you reviewed that model yet? Just wondering... Continue Reading

Friends & Family Discount vs. Year-End Discounts

I am interested in purchasing a Chevy Silverado crew cab (my husband wants to purchase a Colorado, but I don't know how we're going to fit five golden retrievers, two adults and one... Continue Reading

Online Service Records Lost

I Had all of my service records on Toyota Owners (the company's online service records keeper). I was about to make another entry when I discovered that all but four of my service records... Continue Reading