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The Tale of the Prius and Frosty Mornings

How can I get maximum heat in the Prius V? Our outside temps have dropped and the car interior is not very warm Continue Reading

So Many SUV Choices!

Hi Tara- I just discovered your site and love that it's geared toward women! I'm going crazy trying to decide between the Honda CRV, the new Mazda 5, the Kia Sorrento and... Continue Reading

Which Luxury SUV is Best?

I'm looking for a high-end SUV. I have the Mercedes 450GL and absolutely hate it. I'm looking for comfort and dependability. What would you suggest? Continue Reading

Does This Jag Jiggle?

I have driven a Jaguar S-type since 2007. My first one was a 2002 4.2L..I LOVED it. Never had a problem with it. In 2008, I was literally run off the road by... Continue Reading

Sporty Granny!

Right now, I am driving a Passat, which I love, but it is time for a change. I think I need a small SUV to give a little height to the driver's seat. ... Continue Reading

Rough Road Ahead

I live in a cottage at the back of a gravel private road which is never plowed. I live in the Midwest where the winters get pretty bad. I need a car that will... Continue Reading

To Minivan Or Not To Minivan? That Is The Question!

With two fun and crazy boys who can get themselves in and out of their carseats, I'd love to ditch my 2007 Nissan Quest SEL with DVD, roof racks, and running boards (and, let's... Continue Reading

Small car, small price, big stick.

Can you recommend a small car (hatchback is cool) under $20k, manual shift (a must), low maintenance cost and high MPG? Thanks! Continue Reading

I Want It All!

I am moving from from the big city to a smaller city and will need to buy a car. I need something that handles well in winter weather and is comfortable for long road... Continue Reading

The Hot Seat

The lever to elevate the driving seat never keeps the seat permanently raised. My dealership says that Honda knows that the lever is hit by the leg of the driver, thus lowering the seat. Continue Reading