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A Woman and her Sports Car

Which sexy sports car? I'm looking at the Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911, Jaguar XK coupe, an Aston Martin Vantage or Vanquish. Did i miss a good one? Continue Reading

The Best Cars for a New Driver

Do you have any opinion on getting a new car vs. used car for a new beginner, and whether 2004 model car is too old by now? Continue Reading

A Beetle For Ebby

Do you think that i can get a good deal for a Beetle these days? Are the older models still around? Would that be a smart move? What should i do? Continue Reading

What’s a cool-looking SUV?

I am looking for a jeep style / suv / small crossover but would love some help to identify something fairly cool looking and not too common. Any ideas?? Continue Reading

Fix Or Replace An Old Workhorse?

What are your thoughts about replacing the rear end bearings on a 2008 Tahoe? They also said the left side of the motor mount is broken and needs to be fixed. Continue Reading

BMW vs. Audi — Which Car Wins?

I have been driving a BMW series 1 convertible for 5 years now and am now ready to buy a new car. I was planning to update to another BMW series 1 convertible (updated... Continue Reading

So Many Jeeps, So Little Time!

Hey Tara! I want to buy the wrangler unlimited and they come in 4 different trims. I don't really understand the major differences in the 3 types of sport and the sahara. Could you... Continue Reading

BMW Bummer!

Tara I had read the 528i (2013) review on your site before purchasing a new one in Jan. I was replacing a 1999 528. I immediately found the seats so uncomfortable that... Continue Reading

Pinstripes Yay or Nay?

Two questions please: 1. I paid $27,178 for a new Honda Accord Coupe EXL automatic 4cyl-Silver with black interior. Did I get a okay deal, a good deal, or a great deal? ... Continue Reading

Nissan Touts Backseat Safety

What is the first year that the Nissan Altima included rear air bags? thank you Continue Reading