2015 Toyota Sienna revealed

2015 Toyota Sienna Revealed

2015 Toyota SiennaToyota’s newest car launch is very 2015 – all online, all on YouTube and using the very latest in Hollywood-style special effects. In fact, today’s reveal of the brand new 2015 Toyota Sienna “Swagger Wagon” might just be the best thing ever for filmmaking by regular folks – well, regular folks with the crazy creativity to generate millions of YouTube views.

For the first time, Toyota is revealing a new vehicle completely online, introducing the 2015 Sienna van through the eyes of three creative, social media-savvy parents. In a series of custom videos, these parents bring to life the everyday and sometimes unexpected adventures possible in and around the Sienna.

2015 Toyota Sienna SE interior“Today’s parents are embracing their life stage and those relatable family moments that make us laugh and feel connected,” said Jack Hollis, vice president of Toyota Division marketing at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. “The 2015 Toyota Sienna seizes that same spirit of fun, everyday experiences with family and fits into the modern family dynamic. That is why Toyota chose to introduce the newest ‘Swagger Wagon’ to the world through a creative lens.”

The 2015 Toyota Sienna is packed with new features, but our favorite – and most practical – is a new intercom feature for the driver to get her message across to those in the back seat. That’s a more civilized, 2015 way to tell the kids back in the third row, “Don’t make me stop this car”.

Here are direct links to the videos:

Conversations With My Sienna “Dance Machine”

Sienna “Tractor Beam” Starring Action Movie Kid

The Eh Bee Family

Check out all the videos and let us know in the Comments section below which ones you like the best.

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