10 Sexy Driving Gloves for Women

They may seem anachronistic but driving gloves are a fun affectation. Slip them on and become a different person.

By Meg Hemphill

Why do I need them?

Driving gloves were originally worn for practical purposes: They gave drivers better control of the wheel, helped grip wooden steering wheels and they kept hands clean. Fast-forward to today, when high-end designers are using them as a statement-making accessory. Jaguar even commissioned Zac Posen to make a limited collection a few years back that fused the brand’s image with luxury fashion. The beauty of these gloves is that they retain their usefulness, but they also look fabulous and cutting-edge as part of an outfit when you’re not behind the wheel. Here are 10 hot pairs that get us revved up.

Agent Provocateur

There’s nothing tame about these ferocious gloves.
Agent Provocateur Leopard-print Calf-hair Driving Gloves, $500.


This style oozes refined sophistication.
Burberry Perforated Leather Driving Gloves, $595.


White hot never looked so sizzling.
Forzieri Italian Leather Gloves, $116.


You would have more speeding tickets to your name…if anyone could catch you.
Prada Red Patent and Lambskin Gloves, $388.

Rag & Bone

A touch of femininity by way of quilting gives these a delicate touch.
Rag & Bone Quilted Driving Gloves, $193.


The rich aubergine color and gold studs: you like to get noticed.
Portolano Leather Studded Driving Gloves, $75.

MICHAEL Michael Kors

The hip little belt buckle detail lets your accessories accessorize.
MICHAEL Michael Kors Chocolate Leather Belted Driving Gloves, $25.


The red trim adds a little heat to this classic style.
Dents Driving Gloves, $38.

Maison Scotch

Show your edgy-meets-sweet side in this pair designed with flower-shaped grommets.
Maison Scotch, $96.


In case you want a better connection with the wheel—or to flaunt your mani—here’s a pair for you.
Forzieri Fingerless Leather Gloves, $98.

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