Backup screen

Backup Camera to be Mandatory for New Cars in 2018

Backup cameras are great for parking and avoiding hitting the trash can. They can also save a life. Continue Reading

History of Hybrid Cars

History of Hybrid Cars: A Blue Badge is Born

In the past 13 years, hybrids have gone from a curious novelty to the car next door. A short history of hybrid cars. Continue Reading

Women in the World Conference 2013; 4/4/2013

Tina Brown and the Next Wave of Feminism

Toyota backs a women's summit, and gives generous cash awards to women who make a difference in their communities. Continue Reading

messy garage copy

What A Mess: Organize That Garage!

Rid yourself of clutter: Five steps to organizing your garage so that even your neighbors take notice! Continue Reading

convertible hands small

Get a Grip: How to Hold a Steering Wheel

Nine and three, eight and four? Did you know there really is a best way to grasp the steering wheel? Continue Reading

Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted on the Red Carpet

The Muppets are back in a new movie with some of our favorite celebs and favorite cars. VroomGirls takes you to the red carpet for the world premiere. Continue Reading


Tips for Driving in the Rain

You already know to slow down but are there other things you can do to avoid an accident? We talk to the experts. Continue Reading